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The Centre for Genomics of Non-Communicable Diseases and Personalized Healthcare (CGNPH) is set up to promote the application of genomics in the prevention, treatment, and management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as well as understanding their etiology through the development of evidence-based research. It is also posed to give holistic training and capacity building to budding Scientist in the field of genomics and translational research. The main aspiration of CGNPH is to become the premier site for state-of-the-art genomics research and training in NCDs and personalized healthcare in Nigeria and the West African region. One of the ways the centre strives to fulfil her aspiration is to initiate development of sustainable research enhancement activities and application of molecular biology tools for training of postgraduate students and healthcare professionals.



Career Opportunities

Applications are invited for Masters and Doctoral candidates across Africa who are interested in further studies in Genomics of NCDs at the Center for Genomics of NCDs and Personalized Healthcare. Please send a copy of your CV at cgnph@unilag.edu.ng for further information.

Press Coverage

Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Workshop 2021
(Date to be announced soon)

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