Objectives of the Centre:

1. To increase student enrollment and graduation (especially regional and female students) in the Masters and PhD programs in genomics of NCDs and professional programs in personalized healthcare.

2. To improve the quality of postgraduate programs and professional training in genomics of NCDs and personalized healthcare through student-centered, problem-based, integrated curriculum and application of a blended educational methodologies.

3. To promote trans-and multi-disciplinary research and build strong teams of researchers towards maximizing the impact of resulting discoveries and improve transitional research impacts.

4. To promote diversity and gender equity among staff, trainees and research subjects in the research process and implementation of scientific findings.

5. To engage the community and general public about the implications of genomic discoveries and benefits of personalized healthcare services in improving health and informed health-decision-making.

6. To provide a platform for industrial-institutional partnership for innovation, discovery and patenting of  multidisciplinary research output and consultancy services for all stallholders in the health industry and government agencies.

Career Opportunities

Applications are invited for Masters and Doctoral candidates across Africa who are interested in further studies in Genomics of NCDs at the Center for Genomics of NCDs and Personalized Healthcare. Please send a copy of your CV at cgnph@unilag.edu.ng for further information.

Press Coverage

Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Workshop 2021
(Date to be announced soon)

Contact Us

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